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Here are 9 very good reasons that you can quite confidently quit that diet you have been chained to for the last few months.

I’m sure you just let out a sigh of relief there and quite rightly so!

Diets are quickly becoming a thing of the past and with very good reason too.

I’m going to give you 9 reasons to leave all diets in the past FOR GOOD!


Reason #1

Diets don’t work!


Seriously, how many times have you heard about people dieting only to see that they lose weight for a few months only to regain the weight plus a little bit more?

Yes, your suspicions have been right all along.  Diets just don’t work.

No matter how good your intentions are to begin with diets can’t work for this 1 very good reason.

If you push your body to go below its natural body mass index the next time that you do actually eat, your body will hold on to even more of the food you have given it as it thinks the body is starving.

As a line of defense, it will hold onto those calories just in case it doesn’t get anything else for a long period of time.


Why you shouldn't diet


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Reason #2

It slows down your metabolism


Jumping from one diet to the next or yo-yo dieting can be really bad for your metabolism.

When you force your body to lose weight too fast, your body gets confused and is not sure what is going on. It forces your body into starvation mode and to hold on to those calories.

Basically, it’s your bodies defense layer.

Although the results can vary from person to person generally speaking if you lose weight too fast you run the risk of slowing down your metabolism.

If you are fond of the odd yoyo diet you are very likely to cause your body to feel even more hungry and to hold off on burning those calories.


What is metabolism?

Your metabolism is basically how quickly or slowly your body can process food.  To make it clearer, how quickly you can burn calories or lose fat.

When you see people that are able to eat what they want when they want, they have a high metabolism, meaning they burn calories quickly.

People that tend to put on weight very easily usually have slower metabolism rates.


Reason #3

It can cause you to think about food more


If you have ever tried to fast in the past, it is almost impossible when you have it on your mind.  On the days that you haven’t meant to fast you seem to be able to do so without thinking about it.

It’s very strange indeed!

When your mind is focused too much on dieting it causes you to think about food even more.

For some reason, your mind becomes consumed with food.

You will see food on the tv, you will see it at your computer and you will even see it when you are in the shower (ok maybe not the last one but you get my drift)

When you start dieting your brain sends signals to your body to increase your hunger levels and to reduce the number of calories that you burn.

Denying yourself food causes you to crave it even more.

Not good!


If you have plans to lose weight through a diet, thank again! Dieting is just one of many pitfalls when it comes to being fit and healthy


Reason #4

It makes you super tired


Dieting just saps your energy.

When you are hungry it makes it difficult to think and to sleep.  It plays with your brain.

Hunger makes it impossible to get a good nights sleep.  Your brain and body can not function well without a good nights sleep.


Reason #5

They will cause you to hate exercise


Dieting is often associated with exercising.

If dieting is hard your mind will automatically think that exercising is hard too.

The truth is the 2 things are very different.  You only have to ask an avid gym goer about the gym and they will tell you how great they feel after having been to the gym.

You hear things like, “I have so much energy after going to the gym” or ” I feel refreshed after a gym session’.

Now let’s look at dieting.  How many times do you hear about someone having a lot of energy after dieting?  It’s very few and far between that’s for sure!

The two things are meant to achieve the same goal but in actual fact, they can actually have opposite effects.


Staying fit and healthy - Reasons not to exercise


Reason #6

It doesn’t mean that you are healthy


The fact of the matter is that you can’t make yourself lose weight in order to become healthy.

You could have the most perfect sized body and be the most unhealthy person in the room.

The size of your body is not equal in measurement to how healthy you are.

If you chose to still diet, you will need to work on your health too which is actually more important.


Reason #7

It distracts you from what is more important


Much like the last point if you are focusing too much on just weight loss so you can fit into your favorite skinny jeans then the chances are you are totally neglecting your health.

You will probably find that if you focus more on being healthy overall that everything else will fall into place around it.


Reason #8

Promotes binge eating


I will put my hand up and admit that I have fallen into this trap before – MANY TIMES!

You find what feels like the perfect diet which is not “technically” a diet so you go for it.

In reality, it is a diet and you are depriving yourself of food.

Once the diet is over you begin to crave all the things that you denied yourself of previously and because of that it leads you to binge eat.

You basically end up where you were in the beginning and have done yourself no favors.


Binge eating - A reason not to diet


Reason #9

Dieting is no good for long term weight loss


If you want to lose weight and keep the weight off then dieting is not for you.

Dieting will offer you short term results but no long term ones.  Your body is incredibly clever ad the more you starve it the more calories it will hold onto each time.

Not only this but food will be etched in your brain until you satisfy the craving.  Food will be everywhere.

Dieting is not a long term game plan.

This is the reason that you see so many people lose weight only to regain it again in a few months time.


Final thoughts on reasons not to diet


Aside from the reasons not to diet there are good reasons that you should lose weight in the right way.

If you want long term results then you need to focus on a healthy lifestyle which is forever.  Incorporate some small elements of eating more healthy and little bits of exercise into your day and work up from there.

Start small and build yourself up to what is comfortable and fits into your lifestyle and your chances of success are much greater.


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9 reasons you can ditch that diet and opt for a healthy lifestyle instead. Weight loss doesn't have to be so painful!


9 reasons you can ditch that diet and opt for a healthy lifestyle instead. Weight loss doesn't have to be so painful!