Hi! I’m Dela

I’m a mother of 4, a wife and have a huge passion for finance.  I always have since I was little.  If you were to ask anyone in my family I was always the one person that would save money. That is until I reached the age of 16 and started making real money at a part time job.

I was quickly introduced into the world of fashion and my love of clothes was born.  I would habitually buy clothes on a whim and never even considered a budget.

I started making a lot of bad financial decisions the older I got and it began to show.


Where I went wrong

By age 18 I had moved out of home and had my first credit card that I had maxed out to £1500 within a matter of weeks.  My savings were spent and I was living hand to mouth.  

I later bought my first car using my student loan. 

Shortly after getting married my husband and I gave £18,000 to a family member who told us he could invest the money on our behalf.  We never saw the money again.

I continued to spend money on clothes to make myself feel better, often spending hundreds in a single shopping episode. I spent money I didn’t have on things I didn’t need.

By 2012 we had a whopping £27,000 ($34,000) debt made up of credit cards and loans.

Time for change

By the time I realized that I needed to change my attitude towards money I had already done so much damage. Worse still l realized I wanted to be a stay at home mom which meant that we would lose an income stream.

How can you be a stay at home mom and get rid of your debts at the same time?

Well its not impossible that’s for sure but it does take hard work and determination.

Thankfully we have managed to clear most of our debt but  still have £7000 ($8700) to go.

You might be in a similar position to me and feel stuck in a rut. There is still hope.  You can still turn your situation around.

Why I started Faith Beyond Finance

As you can see from my personal story,  we have had a lot happen that has brought us to this point.  I have learned so much along the way from personal experience.  I have literally had to re-educate myself during this whole process.

I’m a great believer that God and money go hand in hand.  There are principals within the bible that can give us better direction so that we don’t get ourselves into financial trouble.  I really think that we need to take a deeper look into what those principals are.

I have since got my CeMAP qualification (Certificate in Mortgage Advice Practice) which has helped me gain lots of knowledge into investing in property and building wealth.

I know from simply doing the school run and talking to other mothers that are just like me that many of us have the same issues surrounding debt.

You may not have a weakness for clothes like I did but you might have piled up huge debts over the years and don’t know how to start clearing it.

That is where Faith Beyond Finance comes in.  I want to pass on all the things that I have learned on to you.

I want to help you get out of your current situation because I know its a miserable place to be.

I want you to not only be able to get rid of your debts but to build your financial wealth too because that is just as important.

Faith Beyond Finance is here to help you on your journey.