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Today I’m going to cut straight to the point because I doubt it will take much to convince you of the dangers of wearing your shoes in the house.

If like me you have children who love to play outside, and run around and jump on everything and anything then you’ll need to pay careful attention here.

What’s the first thing you ask your children to do once they come inside?

You ask them to wash their hands, right? But the big question is – Do you ask them to take their shoes off at the door?

Some of you might do but others may not.

There are so much bacteria on shoes it is unbelievable!

I’m going to give you 5 reasons why removing your shoes at the front door is a good idea for the sake of the health of you and your family.


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Reasons for taking off your shoes at home


1. There are bacteria on shoes

Shoes carry tremendous amounts of bacteria. There are so many things that we step on with our shoes without even realizing it.

On the ground, there is spit, vomit, poop, chewing gum, urine, blood, and E-coli as well as other foreign bodies.

Do you really want that all over your clean home?

I’ll give you another interesting fact.

Did you know that there are more bacteria on shoes than on your toilet?

Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba conducted a study on what happens when you wear your shoes inside the home.

The study was conducted over a period of 2 weeks on a new pair of shoes.

it was concluded that 440,000 units of bacteria attached themselves to the new shoes.

They also found that viruses thrive better on shoes than on toilets! EEK! (source)

You might want to think about that the next time you casually decide to walk across your living room floor.


Bacteria on shoes



2. Your shoes carry dirt from outside

As mentioned above there are so many nasty things on the floor outside.

Bacteria aside here, let’s not forget about everyday dirt that we come across. Sand, stones, grass, mud and such.

These things can actually ruin your floors.

If you have hardwood floors the things that get stuck in the grooves of your shoes can actually scratch your floors and damage them.

Shoes are also quite hardwearing as they are built for the outside so if you have carpet you will likely be causing unnecessary wear and tear.

Unless you can afford new carpet every few years it’s probably a good idea to get yourself some nice comfy slippers instead.

Depending on the grade of your carpet there are likely to be hidden nasties in there that you can’t even see.

This is particularly concerning if you have a little baby who is crawling and putting things into their mouths.


Bacteria on shoes


3. Are you aware of toxins?

Toxins are very easily carried into your home.

Besides the fact that you can carry them on your clothes, you can also carry toxins on your shoes.

This can lead to a multitude of diseases that will run rampant in your home.

These toxins can cause your whole family to fall ill unnecessarily.


Dirty shoes


4. Have some respect for the homeowner

Nasties aside.

Let’s just say you feel comfortable enough even after reading all of this to still wear your shoes indoors.

That’s perfectly fine in your own home but what about other peoples homes?

I’ve seen it so many times before.

You go over to someone’s house, you get inside the front door and you just walk on in without a second thought.

This is now a really uncomfortable situation because the other person doesn’t wear shoes in their home but they don’t know how to tell you to remove your shoes for fear of making you feel uncomfortable.

The best practice for good shoe etiquette is to remove your shoes when you enter someones home.

If the person doesn’t mind your shoes they will tell you to leave them on but if they don’t say anything then you will have spared yourself an embarrassing situation.


5. There are benefits to removing shoes

Shoes are made for the outside so that you don’t hurt your feet. For this reason, they are made to be hardwearing.

When you are at home the dangers of you hurting your feet are reduced tremendously (unless of course, you live on a building site)

Set your feet free because when you do they will get some much needed fresh air and make you feel comfortable being at home.

Personally speaking, there is something seriously therapeutic about being able to take my shoes off at the end of a long hard day.


How you can avoid spreading germs across your home


You can reduce germs, bacteria, and dirt from being spread across your home by simply installing a shoe rack such as this one.

It will keep your shoes neat and tidy whilst being easy on the eye so you can keep your home free from clutter.

Get your children into the habit of removing their shoes as they come in from the outside.

They can either wear comfortable slippers or go barefooted.

Get your children fun slippers like these ones and they won’t be able to resist wearing them in the house.

Just make sure they don’t wear them outside Haha!

Bacteria on shoes is real!


Stylish hallway keeping dirty shoes in one place


Final thoughts on bacteria on shoes


Whilst some forms of bacteria may not necessarily be harmful to you, it’s a good habit to get your children into taking off their shoes in the house so you can keep your home as safe and healthy as possible.

No one wants to crash out on the floor and then wonder about all the germs that the floor might hold.


Bacteria on shoes


5 Reasons why you should wear shoes in the house. If you want to keep your family and home clean and healthy you must read this!