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We all have money worries, I mean it’s a scary thing to think that one day everything could be taken away from you if you were to lose your job.

Unfortunately, there is no job out there that is 100% guaranteed.  Financial climates change all the time and if the company you are working for happens to be affected it could affect you too in the form of redundancy.

I’ve been there before and literally everything can be ripped away from you without even a seconds notice.

No one wants to feel like they are consistently living on the edge every day so how do you get around this?

With the best passive income ideas.

Having passive income is the only way that you can be sure that if anything were to happen at your job you would still have some type of financial security.

Believe me, having this can make all the difference to you and your family.


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So what exactly is passive income?

Passive income is a beautiful thing because usually the hard work is put up front and then you can just sit and watch the money roll in each money.

It literally is that simple but that does not mean that you don’t need to do a lot of hard work to get there.

If it was easy more people would be doing. You see the thing with passive income is that you need to be able to understand your level of risk tolerance but we will talk a little more about that in a moment.

Passive income simply put is money that you no longer have to work for in order to get more or it.

Your 9-5 job is not passive income because if you were to stop turning up to work your salary each month would stop. You are being paid as a way of compensation for your time.

Passive income does not work like that.


How can I make passive income with no money?

The great thing about passive income is that there are many ways that you can achieve it.  There doesn’t always have to be money that you need to invest initially.

There are some passive income ideas out there that require nothing more than your time.

Yes, your time is valuable but you don’t need money to start it which is perfect for some people. After all, you are building passive income in order to gain more income not necessarily because you want to spend more money in order to get it.

This brings me back to my point of understanding your level of risk.

There are some passive income ideas that require you to put money upfront.  This could be quite risky for some people so its not an option that everyone would want to explore.

Property investing is a good example of this.  You need a lump sum of money for the deposit before you can buy a property so this may not work for you.

Before you decide on a particular income stream make sure you understand your finances very well.

Know how much you can comfortably invest without it becoming a problem for you.  What happens if you can not take out your money within a particular time frame? Will it cripple you financially?

Sit down a run through your numbers and see what you are comfortable with before you begin.


15 of the best passive income ideas


1. Property Investing

Invest in property to build passive income

Investing in property is one of the first ideas that people think about when it comes to passive income.

Property investing is a great way to get passive income but it’s money that you may not see a full return on straight away.

Typically you would have to put down quite a large deposit of which you will not get that investment money back until you have sold the property.

You would have to rent out the property for a good few months or even years before you would be able to build up the sum of money that you had to initially invest into getting the property and making in rental worthy.

Don’t forget that you would also have to deduct the cost of the mortgage too before you can count it profit.

Once all those costs have been covered any money that you continue to receive is passive income that you no longer have to work to get aside from any maintenance costs.

There is risk involved in property investing put it has high rewards too which is why some people like to duplicate this model several times over.


2. Air BnB

Air BnB income

Air BnB has been revolutionary for some people. If you already have a property then why not rent it out each month for profit?

This is similar to property investing but some may consider it to be better because it can have higher reward potential but again there is risk involved.

You can often rent out a property to an individual or a family for more money when it is tempory stay rather than it being for a longer-term stay like renting out a property for a year.

Usually, people who look for Air BnB properties are wanting to stay for only a few weeks at a time and these types of rental can often command higher rental rewards.

There is a risk to this method as you are not guaranteed income each month if no one is renting your property.

If you are going to use this option then you need to make sure that you are able to cover costs when the property is vacant.


3. Blog

Learn how to blog for passive income

Blogging has been life-changing for me. Its has opened up financial doors that I thought were impossible.

If you have something that you are passionate about why not start a blog about it?

Not only does it give you a great outlet for release but you can actually make some money for yourself at the same time.

One of the best things that I did when I started my blogging journey was to take this course.  It opened my eyes to how much money you could make through a blog.

Blogging doesn’t have to a hobby it can actually be a business where you can earn as much as 10k a month (more for some people)

If you have limited funds to begin your passive income stream then this could be the path fo you.

You will have a few small start-up costs such as web hosting but after that, you are pretty much good to go.


4. Build An Online Store

Build an online store

This is becoming more and more popular and there is very good reason for this.

Years ago it would have been very difficult for a person to start an online store without having to have the physical product in their living room but now with systems such as drop shipping is now even easier for a person to start an online store and start to make some real money with it.

There have been instances where people have started online stores as a hobby only for them to turn into full-time jobs where they are many double what they used to in a regular 9-5 job.


5. High Savings Account

switch to a high savings account

If you have a good amount of savings in your bank account why not consider shifting that money into a high-interest saving account?

There are some really good ones out there that can yield you a good income each month depending on how much you want to initially invest.

Just keep an eye on the terms and conditions because some of these accounts require you to keep the money in there for a certain period of time before you can access it.

The ideal situation would be that you earn enough to live off the interest alone without having to touch the initial investment.

This way you get to have extra money without eating into your initial investment.

Always remember the less risk you are willing to take the less reward there will be, so find out what you are comfortable with investing.


6. Rent A Room

Room rental

Don’t have a full property to rent out? no problem!

You can now rent out individual rooms with services such as Air BnB or even to a family friend.

If you don’t mind a having a lodger living with you then this is a great way to get someone to help cover your costs or so that you can keep that passive income running for a rainy day.

It’s definitely worth considering if it is an option for you.


7. Invest In A Business

Invest in a business for passive income

This is another great way to get some passive income flowing but you need to make sure that you do a good amount of research before you hand over your money.

There are people out there that have great ideas for a business but they simply don’t have the start-up costs to make it happen.

You could be that missing persons link to make it all happen.

There are collectives out there that are set up for this kind of thing but if that seems all too risky for you then why not consider your friends or family.

You’ll be surprised by the things that people want to do but can’t because they don’t have the money to start.

It can be risky so just be aware of that before you jump in.


8. Stocks And Shares

Stocks and shares

We all know about stocks and shares and it can sound a little scary if you have never ventured into it before but it’s not as complicated as it may seem at first.

There are levels of risk that you can choose when it comes to stocks so you can choose to invest only what you feel comfortable with.

There is a little saying that you shouldn’t invest more than what you can comfortably afford to lose.  I think that saying would apply here.

If stocks are more than what you are willing to invest in then perhaps shares might be more suited to you.

You can buy shares in some of your favourite companies and get a percentage of the profits.  Again make sure you do your research before you put your money down and don’t be fooled because you think the company is doing well on the outside.

Make sure you look deeper.  It is your money after all!


9. Blog Flipping

Learn how to flip blogs for money

Yes, this is a real thing.

If you don’t have the time to start a blog from scratch consider purchasing a blog that has already been started but could do with a few improvements.

Take that blog and make it profitable. When you are ready you can sell the blog or if you like you can keep it and watch the money roll in every month.

Ok so this is not quite fully passive income but you don’t have to put work into it every month if you want to flip the blog for more money.

Once you know what you are doing you can flip a blog every few months and make a stack of cash each time.


10. Create A Course

Create an online course

I know for people that have gone down this road, creating courses has been a game-changer for them.

It has literally been a passive income dream come true and it can be for you too.

People are always wanting to learn something new. I’m sure if you think about it there is something that you could probably teach that someone would happily pay for.

Can you cook? Teach.

Can you play the guitar? Teach.

Are you into fitness? Teach.

No matter what it is there is someone out there looking for your services.

The only other piece of advice I would give you here is to make sure that whatever it is you make sure that you execute it with excellence.  That way you will always have recommendations and therefore demand.

If you want to create a course the best platform that I have found to do this is Teachable.  You can check it out here.


11. Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is a popular way of lending to other individuals or businesses who need a loan.

You basically lend a lump sum of money which get splits up amongst many people and each month you receive a return on your investment.

It is of course not without its risk.

If you want to know more about it, take a look here.


12. Create An App

Create an app

Apps are so popular with people wanting information and things at the touch of a button.

If there is something that annoys you why not create an app to solve that problem.

Chances are that if it annoys you someone else out there will also be annoyed by it.  Why not create an app and make some money along the way.

You don’t even need to have the skills to create the app yourself you can always hire a developer to do the work for you.


13. Start A Youtube Channel

Start a youtube channel

Google is not the only search engine out there, Youtube is a very popular way to reach people and its a great way to make some money once you meet all of their requirements.

I’ve done youtube myself and it can be a great way to make some money but you will have to put in the work especially at the beginning whilst you are building an audience.

Once your audience is established the possibilities are endless.

You can get sponsorships and make money from affiliate marketing as well as ads that can be run on your channel.


14. Rent Your Garage Space

Garage space

If you live close to an airport or a shopping mall or live in a location that is very busy then you can consider renting out your garage or driveway space.

Often trying to park in such areas can get really expensive so why not make some money for yourself and rent out your space.

There is no additional cost to you and you will get that passive income going.


15. Write A Book

Write a book

Books are easier now more than ever to write and get published.

It doesn’t even have to be a physical book, ebooks work just as well.

You can apply to places like Amazon to get your book into the kindle store and build up another passive income stream.


Final thoughts on the best passive income ideas

Passive income is the best thing.  By building as many passive income streams as you possibly can you mitigate your risk of going into debt or having financial difficulties.

If you have never considered passive income before you should start today.

After all, how do you think the rich keep getting richer?


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