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Once your family starts to grow you’ll quickly see that the birthdays tend to come around much sooner than you realize.

If you are not really careful you can quickly end up spending huge amounts of money on this one day event.

In the name of all things budgeting, you’ll want to keep your costs to a minimum here or at least I hope so unless of course, you can afford a huge splurge.

Your child’s birthday is coming up and they really really want a party.

So what do you do?

In the past, you’ve just gone straight into debt without batting an eyelid, this time you are much more money conscious.

So how do you go about giving your child their birthday party without breaking the bank?

There are definitely some cheap birthday party ideas out there that we can explore.

Let’s go ahead and look at some of the ways you can organize the perfect birthday party that is budget friendly.


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10  Cheap birthday party ideas


1. Location

Choose your location wisely, this is something that could easily break your budget.

In an ideal world, we would all fly to Disney land and have the party there but in real life we can’t do that just on a whim.

Take the time to think of a location that will suit your budget.

Believe me, the party itself will be more important to your child rather than the venue that you choose.

If you really don’t want to pull on your purse strings then you should strongly consider having the party in your own home.

If the weather is going to be good then you can have it outside in the garden.  If you are worried about children running around and making a mess this would be a perfect solution.


Cheap birthday party ideas that your child will love


2. Decorations

This is another area that you don’t need to overdo.

You can pick up some really nice cheap decorations from dollar tree if you are in the US or the pound shop for those based in the UK.  Amazon also has a great little package for decorations. You can take a look at it here.

You will probably find that you won’t need too much.

Pick up a happy birthday banner, some party poppers, balloons and any other little items that you can find.

If you are not particularly creative then you can look for some cheap ways you decorate the party on Pinterest for inspiration.


3. Food

You can really get creative with food here.

You don’t need to provide a 3-course meal, you can get away with little bite-sized pieces of food.

Remember those cheese pieces on sticks when you were growing up? They still work.

Get some frozen pizza, chips, and dips and sandwiches and you have yourself a party.

As long as you have a little bit of variety here everyone will be happy.


10 Tips for throwing the perfect birthday party on a budget for kids.


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4. Keep the guest list short

Let your child invite their closest friends. Don’t feel obligated to invite your child’s whole school class.

At the end of the day, your child will only care about the people they feel are important to them.

It will probably end up only being a handful of friends.

There’s nothing wrong with that because those are the only people that they will want to make memories with anyway.


5. Choose the time carefully

This can end up being a little bit of a trap.

If you don’t set a suitable time for the party then you will be left with children on your hands for the whole day and you will need to feed them.

You should arrange the party so it lasts for roughly 4 hours or so and it should end before dinner time.

Having the party from 12 – 4 is usually a good time to have it.


Pick the ideal time you have your childs birthday party


6. Consider the invitations

Planning the invitations is usually a lot of fun but don’t feel tempted to go overboard here and buy invitations with all the bells and whistles.

There are 2 good options here:

1. Make the invitations digital which will cost you nothing.  You can simply email these out.

2. Make your own invitations at home. This will cost you a little bit of money but nowhere as much as buying the invitations ready made.

Making the invitations will also be a fun way for your child to get excited about the party.


7. The birthday cake

I’m not the best birthday cake maker and these days buying a cake can get quite pricey.

Rather than buying a cake, you have some good options here.


1. You can make individual cupcakes and let the children decorate them as part of an activity to keep them busy during the party.

You can make one very special cake that is already iced and decorated as a surprise for your child to blow out in front of all their friends.


2. You can get a packet mixture of cake and follow the instructions to make your own.

Again you can find some great ideas on how to decorate the cake on Pinterest.


3. If you are fairly confident with cake making then go ahead and create something beautiful for the big day.


Birthday party cupcake

Cheap birthday party ideas that will keep you in budget and your child happy


8. Think of games you can do yourself

Try to come up with games that will keep the children entertained but not cost you a lot of money.

You can have a treasure hunt using chocolate coins or see who can make the best balloon animal.

There are a ton of games that you can come up with for the party.

The last thing you will want is a bunch of children on your hands all saying they are bored.


9. Party bags

Pick up some generic party bags from the store and fill them with low-cost items such as:

Mini bubble wands

Party bag play dough

Mini Cubes

Flexible 13-inch pencils

you can also add whistles, sweets, balloons and anything else that you feel would be appropriate.

You don’t have to fill the bags all the way to the top.

There is already so much excitement behind the idea of having a party bag.

That they won’t even notice.

Let the children hand decorate the bags as part of a competition.  They will love it.


10. Combine parties if you can

This has to be my favorite cheap birthday party idea.

If your child has a friend who has a birthday very close to your child’s then you should consider having a joint party.

This will mean you get to split the expense.

The only danger with this that you need to make sure you are on the same page as the other parents because you don’t want to have a joint party with someone who doesn’t have a budget to stick to.

Tred carefully.


Final thoughts on cheap birthday party ideas


It’s entirely possible for you to have a good birthday party for your child on a restricted budget.

It’s about the memories you get to create rather than the event itself.

Your child is not going to remember that they had an inexpensive birthday party, they will only remember having a good time with friends.

Well done mama for staying in budget!


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Cheap birthday party ideas


10 Tips for throwing the perfect birthday party on a budget for kids.