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Most people dream of having the perfect date night with their partner. Unfortunately for a lot of us at some point in time date nights can start to add up and can often tip the balance of our budgets way too far.

No one wants to give up on date night but sometimes circumstances start to dictate to us what we can and can not do with our finance.

You may have just forked out for an expensive wedding, have a baby on the way or just purchased a new house.

No matter what your situation is I’m here to bring you some good news!

It’s entirely possible to continue the romance with some great cheap date night ideas.

Just for you, I’ve put together 21 cheap date night ideas that won’t make your bank balance blush.


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21 Cheap date night ideas


1. Movie Night

Movie nights are just the best thing ever.  I love to do them in the evenings when the children are fast asleep so we don’t get any interruptions.

It’s so much fun watching a movie in the dark with a bowl of popcorn in hand (salt and sweet mixed of course)

It’s a great way to relax with your other half.  Well, as long as you can agree on a movie that is!


2. Take It To The Park

When was the last time you went to the park just for a little fun?

Sometimes we just need to feel like children again (minus the tantrums) and have a bit of downtime.


3. Visit A Museum

Museums don’t have to be filled with boredom like your old school field trips.

There are some really interesting museums out there that don’t cost a lot of money to go to.

Take some time out to discover what is happening in your area.


4. Go Bike Riding

Picnic in the park

Bike riding can be a lot of fun!

if you don’t personally own your own bike you can rent one out really cheaply.

You’ll be surprised how much fun you can get from a bicycle.

I must warn you though if you haven’t been bike riding for a while, you might need a cushion the next time you sit down.


5. Take A Walk Around A Shopping Centre

I know what you are thinking here.

Yes, shopping centres are created to make you spend money but you don’t have too.

Leave your debit and credit cards at home and take only the cash with you that you are prepared to spend.

Taking the time to come out of your usual zone without having to rush around is very therapeutic.

p.s you don’t have to visit the clothes shops, you can spend time in the food hall or play some arcade games if they have any there.


6. Go For Icecream

Whilst this might seem simple.

Going out for ice cream is very relaxing.

It will give you the opportunity to catch up on life together and plan your future as a team.


How to save money on date night!


7. Make A Special Dinner Together

Dinner time

You might be thinking that dinner happens every day but this is a special dinner.

Plan ahead for it and cook together.

Make a meal that you would not ordinarily make and wash it down with a lovely glass of wine.


8. Do A Home Spa

Despite what it might sound like a DIY home spa is not that hard to put together.

All you need is some sugar and honey to make a scrub and a couple of face masks followed by a long hot bath and you are sorted.


9. Head To A Coffee Shop

Coffee date

I used to do this with a friend of mine and it was so nice to just be able to take out a few minutes and do nothing much.

You can do this with your partner, sit back, relax and watch people go by.


10. Try Roller Disco

Personally speaking, I’m not very good at this but that doesn’t it stop it from being a barrel of laughs.

No matter how bad you are at roller disco you are guaranteed a good time.


11. Have A Karaoke Evening

No matter if you have the voice of an angel of one that should be locked up for good karaoke is always fun.

There’s no need to be shy either because it will be just the 2 of you.

Sing your heart out!


12. Break Out The Games Console

Games consoles are not just for the boys.  Girls can enjoy them too.

We used to have an Xbox and it was great for the evenings and even more so when entertaining others.

There are so many different games you can play on there so you don’t need to be stuck playing FIFA if you don’t want too.


13. Take An Evening Walk

Evening walks are the best.  They don’t even cost you a penny.

Sometimes all you need to do is slow down for a bit to be able to appreciate all that you already have.


14. Reminisce Your Old Neighbourhood

This is something that we do quite a lot.  Even though we don’t physically get to travel to where we both grew up just taking a walk down memory lane is enough to get us laughing and having fun.

Talk about the old days and what your hopes are for the future.

Dream together.


15. Go Swimming

Swimming for date night

Swimming is a fairly cheap exercise.

You can visit your local swimming centre.

If they have an adults-only pool that’s even better.


16. Go Fruit Picking

This is definitely one thing on my bucket list of things to do.

I’ve never been fruit picking before but I have heard nothing but good things about it.

If you have never done it before now is your chance to experience something new together.


17. Experience An Outdoor Movie

Outdoor movies are extremely popular in the summer months.

Take a look in your local neighbourhood and see what is showing in your area.


18. Take A Drive To Your Dream Neighbourhood

If you want to grow together then you should dream together too.

Find the time to look around neighbourhoods that you can’t afford to buy in yet.

Make it a goal that you want to achieve together and have fun doing it.


19. Have A Chocolate And Cheese Night

Ok, I’m not really sure what a chocolate and cheese night is but my gut is telling me that it would totally work.

I literally just made up chocolate and cheese night.


20. Take A Local Brewery Tour

If you are into beers and wines why not take a trip to your local brewery and see how it is made.

The good thing about these trips is that you will often get try some of the beer and wine along the trip.


21. Have A Games Night

Games night can be incredibly fun if not downright competitive.

Choose some games that you can both enjoy together.


Final Thoughts On Cheap Date Night Ideas     

Just because you are choosing to have a cheap date night does not mean that it has to be boring too.

You can make date night as fun and interesting as you want.

The more you do it the more creative you will get and best of all you will save yourself some money along the way too.


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