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We’ve all been there before when we need some cash really fast.  It can be an overwhelming feeling when you don’t know how you’re going to get your hands on so much money at short notice.

You may have felt this way if you are out of work, have an unexpected bill that needs to be paid or an emergency situation has popped up. It’s easy to feel lost and not know where to begin.  I know I have certainly been there before.

The good news is that I’m going to show you how to make £500 fast so the next time you are in need you know exactly what to do.


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12 Ways to make £500 super fast!


1. Sell Your Unwanted Items

This is by far my favourite thing to do when I am short on cash.  Not only does it help you to declutter and get rid of items that you no longer want or need but you actually get to make some extra cash at the same time.

I mean you can’t get better than that really can you!

Take a look around your house, especially things hidden in the bottom of cupboards and wardrobes (you’ll be surprised what you can find.)

Great places to sell stuff are:


eBay is a great place to make some money and the best news about selling on eBay is that you can pretty much sell anything.

What you may consider to be junk is a treasure to someone else.  So don’t just toss things out because you think they wouldn’t be able to sell.

I have used eBay to flip items and it has worked really well.  I look for things that I think are undervalued and buy them.  I then clean them up if it needs it and then resell it again for more money.

It’s so easy to do literally anyone can do it.

Depending on how good you are you could actually turn this into a great side hustle business.


Decluttr is another great place to sell unwanted items.  You can sell CD’s, DVD’s, mobile phone and tech items too.

It’s really easy to use. You just search for your make or model of the item you are selling. Decluttr will lock in the price for 28 days to give you time to think about if you need to.

Decluttr will then send you the packaging labels.  Pack your items and send it off for free. It’s as simple as that.

You can take a closer look at Decluttr here.


2. Take Up Dog Walking

Dog walking is something that everyone can do (well at the bare minimum you have to at least like dogs)

Rover dog walking services are available in both the US and the UK.

You get to set your own prices and can even do overnight services and get some extra cash for that too.

If you are a genuine dog lover then this could seem more like fun than work.


3. Freelance Your Services

Everyone is good at something and freelancing is a great way to get your services known and get paid some much-needed cash for doing so.

You may have a knack for playing the guitar, web designing, or writing.

No matter what it is there is someone out there that is willing to pay for your services.

Good places to show off your skills are places like Fivver.

Most initial jobs on Fivver are $5 but they are for basic jobs and usually, you can add a few other things to bring the cost of your services up.

You don’t have to worry about having to design a whole website for $5 it doesn’t quite work that way.

Take a look at Fivver here.  You can also use it to pick up some inspiration for more services that you can offer as well.


4. Sign Up For Ibotta

Ibotta is another good way to make some money simply by getting rewarded for shopping through their app.

What’s good about Ibotta is that you get rewarded for buying things that you were going to buy anyway.

You get rewarded via cashback and rewards.  When you sign up for Ibotta you will straight away get a $10 bonus into your account.

The thing I love about Ibotta is that you don’t have to do anything extra in order to earn money, you just shop as you normally would and get rewarded for it.

This one is only for those in the US.

Ibotta cashback app. How to make 500 fast


5. Sign Up For Paribus

Paribus is just great, honestly.

Have you ever purchased something only to find that with a few days time there is a price drop?

Sometimes you don’t even know that the price has dropped.  What a bummer!

Well here is where Paribus comes in handy.

Paribus will get you your money back once the price of an item falls within a certain timeframe.

You don’t need to track your own items which would be a major time suck.  You simply let Paribus know when you make a purchase and they will keep track of when and if the item drops in price.

They will then let you know and help you to get the difference back.

You can take a look at Paribus here.

Make money fast


6. Teach VIPKid

If you have a degree in anything then VIPKID is a really good option for you.

You can make money by teaching Chinese children to learn English.  It has great earning potential and you can work the hours that are suitable for you.

The earning potential here is really great.  On average you can make $22 an hour.

Technically you would only have to work 22 hours in order to meet your 500 marker.


7. Take Online Surveys

Survey Junkie is can help you to make some extra cash fast.  You do need to be in the US in order to sign up for it.

You can take online surveys whilst you sit in front of the TV.  Basically, there is no pressure to do a certain number of surveys or earn a particular amount of money each month.

You can just fill out the survey as when you need to make a little bit of extra cash.


If you are in the UK then is a place that you can take surveys.

You will earn in points which you can later transfer into money.

Each survey has different levels of points.  These surveys are mainly political.


8. Rent Out Your Spare Room

Renting out a room is so easy to do and you can do it with a simple service like Airbnb.

The good thing about renting out a room is that you don’t need to really spend much in order for it to take off.

There are always people looking for affordable places to stay when they go on vacation or even just for day to day living purposes.

If you don’t mind having a lodger then this is a very easy route to take.


9. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a great way to make some extra cash.  I have done it in the past and it was fairly successful.

You can pick jobs which are close to where you live so that you don’t have to fork out on travel costs.

Some of the jobs that become available don’t even require you to leave your house, sometimes the jobs can be done on the telephone.

I’ve even had jobs where I have just had to take my car in for a service in order to complete the job. (Bonus!)

The jobs are very varied so it means usually there is something for everyone.


10. Try Proofreading

If you have never tried your hand at proofreading before perhaps now is the time.

Anyone can do proofreading and its fairly simple to get into.

You can make $40,000+ with proofreading.

I would advise that you take this free course to give you a little more insight into getting started with proofreading so you can better see what would be required of you.

Proofreading is very flexible so you can do it around any other jobs that you may already have.

Take a look at the course here


Proofread anywhere


11. Freelance Writing

There is such a huge demand for writers these days, it’s almost unreal.

If you love to write there are people out there that are willing to pay for your services.  Some will pay by the number of words that you write and others will pay you per article. You can typically earn $100+ per article

It’s a very lucrative way to make some fast cash.  If you are at fast writing all the better, just make sure your work is quality.


12. Become A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is very easy to do.

There are many companies out there that are looking for people to do the od job online for them.

Being a VA  is great because you can do the job from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.

The earning potential will be up to you.


Final thoughts on how to make £500 fast

These tips are perfect in helping you to make money even without a job.

It’s always a good idea to have several income streams going at the same time this way if one thing dries up you have other things that can keep you going.

Now’s not the time to delay, you should get started straight away!


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