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We’ve all been there before where we are at home relaxing and then all of a sudden we get a phone call and shock, horror you have guests about to arrive!

The problem here is that your house looks like the Tasmanian devil had a party in it the night before.

You have 30 mins before they get there, what do you do?

I get it, I’ve been there and I still find myself there plenty of times even to this present day.

This is when speed cleaning gets to work its magic.  How do you speed clean a house you ask?  I’ll tell you exactly how to go about speed cleaning room by room.

The aim of speed cleaning is to be able to clean the house fast and efficiently before your guests arrive.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that speed cleaning is a replacement for deep cleaning though because speed cleaning will only get rid of surface dirt and is not a thorough clean.

Cleaning is one of those things that if you don’t do something daily it can pile up on you and become a living nightmare.

This is one of the reasons people love to declutter. When you declutter you have fewer items that are laying around adding to the general mess in your home.


Cluttered kitchen


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Items you will need for speed cleaning including cleaning products:



I always prefer to use natural products where possible, I can’t make my own then I would likely buy natural products such as the all-purpose cleaner above.


Best way to clean a house


There are 3 areas that I like to work on first when I’m short on time. The bathroom. kitchen and the hallway.

It’s really important to make sure the bathroom gets done because there is nothing worse than someone entering your house and needing to use the toilet only to find that it smells of urine or your 3-year-old has urinated all over the toilet seat.

Your guest won’t say anything directly to you but it will become a huge elephant in the room. Awkard!

The kitchen is a similar situation. I know personally speaking if I go to someone’s house and the kitchen looks like someone died in there I won’t take a drink. I get very easily grossed out. I know I’m snobby like that.

For me, kitchens and bathrooms are places that at the very least have to look surface clean.

The entryway is where you make your first impression on cleanliness so that area is a must too.

If you can at least get these 3 areas clean it will make a huge difference in your home.


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If you want to learn how to speed clean a house take a look at these tips:



1. Clear away dry dishes

2. Wash any dirty dishes

3. Wipe down surfaces and make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary items left lying around. They will only give the illusion of mess.

4. If you have huge pots and things that you don’t have time to clean, stick them in the oven or in a cupboard until later on.

5. Make sure you spray and dry the sink. It helps to make the finished look appear more polished.

6. Sweep the kitchen floor

7. If you don’t have time to mop the whole area then you should spray the areas on the floor that are dirty and give those a quick clean with the mop.

8. Wipe down the fridge doors, especially if you have young children around. You’ll be surprised at the places sticky fingers can get to.


How to speed clean your home when you have last minutes guests and your cleaning routine is out of the window!



1. Squeeze some toilet cleaner into the basin and leave for a few moments

2. Spray the whole toilet pan with disinfectant spray and leave whilst you do other areas of the bathroom.

3. Wipe down the bathroom mirror

4. Wipe down the sink and make sure any stray hairs are removed from the sink

5. Go back to the toilet bowl and give it a quick scrub inside. Then wipe down the rest of the bowl.

6. Give the floor a quick sweep and empty the bin.

7. As an extra added touch I like to add a few drops of essential oil to some potpourri and leave it in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. Or you can spray this “before you go” spray.



1. Clear any junk items out of the way. Any toys that your children have left lying around, pack them away into the children’s bedroom or a cupboard out of sight.

2. Spray and wipe clean the entryway mirror

3. Dust any ornaments and wipe down any display tables

4. Vacuum or sweep the entryway

Make sure this area is as free from clutter as you can make it.


Living Room

1. Clear away any clutter

2. Give all surfaces a quick wipe down

3. Fluff the pillows on the sofa

Remember to dust things from up to down. What I mean by that is don’t clean the floors and then dust the table because you will just be putting the dirt back onto the floor again after having cleaned it.



Hopefully, this shouldn’t really be an area that your guests will have access to but if you are worried about it then you can give it a quick once over.

1. Hide away any unnecessary items

2. Make sure your bed is made up and pillows fluffed

3. If you need to, open the windows for a short period to air out the room

4. Vacuum obvious areas


How to speed clean a house

Learning how to speed clean will help you out tremendously


Final thoughts on how to speed clean a house


The more times you get surprise visits from family and friends the faster you will get at cleaning (haha).

The ideal way for you to clean would be to do a little bit each day using a good cleaning routine but if you can’t get that to happen or your daily cleaning routine has been disrupted in some way then speed cleaning works for that purpose.

When my children were very small speed cleaning was all I could manage because I could never find the time to get a thorough clean done.

So you see speed cleaning can work in lots of different situations not only for surprise guests!

If you have found this helpful, be sure to leave me a comment below.


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