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Learning how to run might sound very strange to you.

Surely everyone knows how to run, right? You even see babies running.

The truth of the matter is that there is a right way and a wrong way to learn how to run.

In everything that you do, you must always have a “why”. Your “why” is going to be the thing that pushes you past the point that most people can’t reach. You need a “Why”.

Why do you want to learn to run?

Is it simply a health thing or are you doing for weight loss?

No matter what the answer is your answer must be true to what you believe.


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How to learn to run


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Why is running good for you?

Running is good for a number of reasons. It is one of the only exercises out there that works on your whole body.

It is great for your heart, blood pressure, weight loss, and endurance.

To top that all off running is also one of the cheapest activities that you can do.

It’s no wonder why people always think about running first when it comes to health and fitness.


The different types of running

Running might sound pretty straight forward but if the truth be told there are actually different ways that you can run.


1. Everyday jogger

This person likes to run mainly for health reasons. Running is made into a habit which becomes the person’s hobby. It is also a great way for people to lose weight


2. The marathon runner

This type of runner runs to improve endurance. They are training with a particular goal in mind.


3. The gym runner

You can also choose to run on a treadmill. Treadmill running is pretty good but unfortunately its not as effective as running on real terrain.


Couple learning to run on a beach


Do you enjoy running?

The first thing you must think about with any exercise that you decide to take up is, do you enjoy it?

Choosing to be healthy and fit doesn’t mean you have to hate it in order for it to be effective.

In actual fact, if you are wanting to learn to run to be more healthy then you should pick an exercise that you will really enjoy doing.

Running may not be for you but swimming is. If you enjoy what you do then you are much more likely to stick with it in the long term.


What can you expect when you first start running

When you first start running don’t expect that you will have a perfect first session.

If it has been a while since you have done any type of exercise then I would caution you to start slowly.

My husband used to be a personal trainer and he would get me up in the mornings to start a run. The first day I did it, I honestly thought I was going to die.

He didn’t even push me hard but my lack of exercise over the years was truly showing.

I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds without having to stop.

30 seconds might not seem like a long time to you but in running terms it’s a long time – Well it was for me anyway!

My point is that it took a while before I felt as though I wasn’t going to throw up anymore.

The good news is that your first running session is always going to be the hardest.

The next session will be easier and it will only continue to get easier the more you do it consistently.

If you truly want to be successful at learning to run then there are a few things that you must learn and put into place.


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1. Set some goals and stick to them

Goal setting is so important. Without goals how do you know you are on the right path to achieve what you want?

Think about your end goal and then dissect it into smaller sections.

If your goal is to lose 40 pounds then start with 5.

If your goal is to be able to run for 20 minutes without needing to stop then start with 2 minutes and build up.

If you want to consistently run three times a week then make 1 day consistent and work your way up.

Remember everyone has started where you are currently and only through hard work and determination have they become successful and achieved their goal.


2. Make sure you have the right equipment

Making sure you are using the right equipment is just as important as the run itself. You can’t take running seriously if you are going to do it wearing a pair of converse trainers.

Not only can you cause yourself an injury, but you are also not mentally committing.

You wouldn’t go swimming in jogging bottoms, would you? No. You need the right equipment in order to get the job done


3. Don’t overdo it

What I mean by this is don’t set yourself a goal of being about to run 5 miles in 1 week. It’s not going to happen. Take your time.

A lot of people who try to learn to run fail because they put all their effort in at the beginning and then burn out. This is not a race for the swift (this time!)

Give yourself time to build up real consistency and momentum.


4. Take up the challenge

Have you heard of the ready, set, run challenge?

Its a really great way to help you start running if you have no clue how to begin.

Its a FREE 15 day run challenge that works for everyone no matter your skill level.

Best of all, its not just about running which is great if you want to run to lose weight. It will also help you in toning up your body.

The challenge will actually provide you with healthy meal plans too as well as training and support to get you to the end of the 15 day deadline.

There’s no point in learning to run if you are going to remain eating unhealthy meals. You’ll be doing yourself no favors.

Running is not just about fitness its about health too. If you want to lose weight your biggest battle is going to be your relationship with food.

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Final thoughts on learning to run

Learning to run can be a really fun thing to do. It’s a great way to improve your overall health and fitness.

Keep things fun and light and you will be much more likely to stick with it.

Remember your goal of being healthy should be a whole lifestyle change so learning to run should only be one small part of this new lifestyle.

Implement the other things that go alongside it like clean eating and you will be successful all round.


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Learn to run as a beginner and take part in a 15 day running challenge. If you are overweight or simply looking to improve your lifestyle then this free program could be just for you.