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We all know about the benefits of decluttering our homes. It’s such an essential part of keeping your home in check, by that I mean organized and clutter-free.

Clutter is not only unhealthy for your living experience but it is also unhealthy for your mental well being too. Have you ever tried to study in a room full of mess?

It’s almost impossible!

As the years go by we have a tendency to collect more and more things. If we are being honest with ourselves a lot of those things we never even really use. We have become such a throwaway society that novelty wears off very quickly.

There are things hidden in the back of our wardrobes that haven’t seen the light of day for years. It’s a great idea to start trying to get rid of some of these items if we know we will no longer use them anymore.


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Why it’s a good idea to declutter


The great thing about decluttering your things is that most of the items that you are ready to get rid of can actually make you some extra money.

This is always going to be a good motivator for getting rid of clutter. I’m not going to lie here and tell you that you don’t have a mammoth task ahead of you because you will have.

Decluttering can be extremely tiring.

Trying to get rid of items that have become sentimental to you is never going to be easy and that is going to be half of your battle in decluttering.

So you see decluttering is going to be good for not only keeping your home organized and clutter free but will also earn you some much-needed cash along the way.

When you think about it you have probably got items all over your home that are actually small amounts of cash that you have been overlooking for quite some time.


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Where you can start decluttering for extra cash


1. Start with the boxes

If you already have items that are packed away in boxes the chances are they are things that you aren’t really using anyway.

We’ve moved home several times and each time we start trying to pack I find a bunch of things that we haven’t looked at for years.

I don’t even try to work out what we “might” need from it anymore I just class the whole thing as not needed and either give it away or sell the items in the box.

Box your clutter items for sale


2. Tackle your storage areas

We all have those places in our homes that have become a place of storage. We used to have a small 4th bedroom which had become my ironing/ storage space.

I remember looking at it one day and thinking that enough was enough. It took me a full 2 WEEKS to get rid of all the junk in there but when I did and it finally looked like a bedroom again I felt so good about it.

In fact, that room became the place that I went to when I just needed some alone time. I loved that little room. You need to find some time to go through your place of storage and sort through all those items that you have been neglecting.


3. Pay attention to your wardrobe

Wardrobes are hidden pots of money when it comes to decluttering. In fact, I think its good practice to go through your entire wardrobe at least once a year.  Sell items that you haven’t worn for a year or no longer have any intention of wearing anymore.


4. Electrical items

Old phones, watches, and even TVs can sit in our homes taking up unnecessary space when they really don’t have too. You can get pretty good money for electronic items so it’s a good idea to think about selling these things instead of simply storing them.


3 tips on decluttering and how to make some extra cash at the same time.


How to start selling your items and make money by decluttering


1. Have a yard sale

Yard sales are a great way to be able to sell your items.

This is actually my preferred way because it doesn’t require you to take the perfect picture, upload them to the internet and then have to pay a fee for doing so.

You simply sell the items outside your home and you get to keep all the profits for yourself.


2. Use eBay

eBay is a great place to sell things. I’ve used it personally to both buy and sell items.

In fact, I used to run a small business via eBay by buying items and flipping them for more money online. eBay is a really good option because your catchment of people is much wider than having a yard sale with only people that happen to live locally to you.

You could potentially sell much quicker by selling on eBay. You should definitely consider this as an option.


3. Sell with Gazelle

If you have electronics that you need to get rid of Gazelle is a good option.

They will not only take your old phone off your hands but they will also take your old iPad, MacBook and Mac computer too! You can take a look at them here.


Final thoughts on making money by decluttering


As discussed earlier decluttering can be hard work but that work does eventually pay off. It will not only put a few extra bucks in your pocket but it will also clear your home and free your mind by having a clear zone to work in.


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