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In this day and age spending money is a normal occurrence. We spend money almost every – single -day and that’s not even necessarily counting paying bills.

The convenience to spend money when you go out is so easy.  With things like google pay, contactless payment and even a simple debit card there is hardly any reason to not buy the things that you want.

Great news for businesses but not really for your pocket.

It really is food for thought once you start to look at what you actually spend your money on each day.

I’m all about building healthy financial habits and I find it extremely healthy to have periods of time where you deliberately don’t spend any money.

A no spending week for example.

I know some people like to jump in with both feet and go for no spending months and even a no spending year and whilst those things can be good its better to start with baby steps before you start to run.


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Why Take Part In A No Spending Week?

I refer to doing a no spend week as a healthy habit because its a great way to keep your spending under control.

Sometimes without even realising it we can begin to increase our spending habits.

Have you ever had a pay rise at work but can’t seem to reap the benefits of the extra money?

Usually, that happens when we increase our lifestyle expenses in line with our new wages. It’s never a good idea to do that.

It’s always a good idea to live below your means so that you can keep your finances fluid.

By doing a no spending week it gives you the opportunity to reassess exactly where and on what you are spending your money on.

Can you achieve the same result by simply looking at your monthly budget?

Yes, you could but by taking that extra step and doing a no spending week you can see where you can save money and where you are unnecessarily spending.

Lastly, you will get to see exactly how much money you have saved at the end of the week.  This can be extremely encouraging and give you the necessary push you need to cut back on your regular spending habits.


How To Prepare Yourself For A No Spending Week


1. Get In The Right Frame Of Mind

The first thing you need to do when planning on doing a no spend week is to set yourself up with the right frame of mind.

This is incredibly important because if you start with a negative mindset you will set yourself up for failure.

You need to be all in if you want it to work out.

It’s a good idea to have a why behind you too.  Know why you want to do it and what you want to achieve out of it.

A no spend week could be a stepping stone for you to do a longer period of no spending.  This is a great thing to do if there is a specific reason that you want to save up.

It could be for a holiday, a new car or even for a wedding!

Whatever the reason for your no spend you should always have a focus that will keep you motivated when you feel like quitting.


2. Set Some Rules

Because your no spend week has to be realistic you need to set yourself some rules for the journey ahead.

Not spending any money does not mean that you can’t pay for the bus fare to work or pay your utility bills.

There are some things that are necessary and you can’t get away from them no matter how much you would like to, so please pay your mortgage if it is due.

You may want to set some other rules such as not taking the car to work and perhaps car share or get on the bus instead if that is cheaper.

You can also take lunch to work instead of buying it which often will cost you more.

Cutting back on going out in the evenings is another great way to save money.

Think about what you want your no spend week to look like and set yourself some realistic rules to follow.


3. Plan, Plan, Plan!

You have to make sure that you plan your no spend week in advance.

Whilst you can do it sporadically its not necessarily a good idea if you want it to be as successful as possible.

Do your grocery shopping in advance and plan out your meals for the week.

Doing this will ensure that you are not tempted to pick up a take away one evening.

This is a great place to plan your meals and save money on buying groceries especially if you need some dinner inspiration.  You can even use my discount code SMM10 to get a discount.


4. Get Creative With Your Time

If you know that a lot of your money is spent on social activities then it would be a good idea to replace those things with something free instead.

If you don’t do this you might start to feel the pinch of your no spend week and succumb to spending money unnecessarily.

Find some free activities you can do over the weekend or have some friends over for a bring and share evening.

You need to do your best to distract yourself from spending money.

You will be surprised as the week goes on how much you actually rely on spending money to keep you occupied.


5. Keep Track Of Your Savings

It’s a very good idea to keep track of the money you are saving as the week goes on.

This will inspire you to keep going.

If you would usually buy a coffee on the way to work note that expense down and put the money to the side as a saving.

Continue to do this throughout the week.

The best thing about this is seeing how much money you have saved up at the end of the week.


Final Thoughts On Doing A No Spending Week

Just because you are having a no spend week does not mean that you need to make yourself miserable at the same time.  Always make sure you have a little flexibility when you set up your rules for the week.

Saving money can be fun as you try to come up with new ways to be creative and occupy your time.

You can always make it even more exciting by getting others to join you as well.

I often challenge my children to have times of no spending so that they can appreciate what they already have rather than always wanting more so they can buy more.


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