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Paying tithes is something that can be uncomfortable for some people to talk about for many reasons.

They say put your money where your mouth is and this statement is so real. I mean if you believe in a particular business you use your money to invest in it because you believe in it.  When you love a house and you know you want to spend many years there you put your money where your mouth is and you get a mortgage.

So when we believe in God, shouldn’t we also put our money where our mouth is?

Yikes!  I’ve hit a nerve.

When you tithe you are giving your money to God because you believe in Him.

The big question is should you be tithing when you have no money?

We will take a look at that in just moment because its a really important principle to understand.


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What Is A Tithe?

A tithe is paying 10% of your income to God.  As you can’t literally hand it over to God you give it to Gods house which is your church or place of worship.

Paying your tithes is what helps build your church and that money can be used to help those that desperately need help from the church and to enable you to have a place to go to church.

Tithing is such a tricky subject because people have many different theories on if you should pay the full 10% or even if you have to give it to your local church.


Should You Be Tithing When You Have No Money?

This is really great question because for many people they are literally hand to mouth, meaning anything they earn goes straight to feeding them without a backup plan.

Yes, there will be some people that will say “I can’t afford to tithe” but secretly they can if they were to really take a good hard look at their budget and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

The one thing you have to remember is that if you don’t pay your tithes God will not come down from his throne and banish you to hell.  We sometimes look at God as a God of fear and that’s not the case, God is a God of love.

He sees you and he understands your situation and for that reason, he sees what is truly in your heart.

There is no one on this earth that can tell you exactly what God thinks and therefore there will never be a right or a wrong answer to this.

If giving 10% of your income is going to cause you financial hardship to a level that is going to hurt you and your family then you should give what you can and not get to “religious” about it.

The one thing you can do when you find yourself in such situations is to speak to God himself.

Never let anyone bully you into thinking that by not paying a full 10% of your tithe you are stealing from God.

This is for people that are genuinely suffering hardship, not for those that don’t want to pay because they are saving up for a holiday or similar.


Give What You Can

If you are struggling with your finances start with what you can give.  It doesn’t have to be the full 10%.  If you can even give £1 and God sees that you have given all that you have your £1 could effectively be worth more than the person who gives £1000 as their 10%.

God does not look at things in black and white the way we do.


Understand Why You Feel You Can’t Tithe

When it comes to tithing and saying you have no money you have to be very honest with yourself.

Look at your financial situation.

Do you spend money in places where you don’t need to?

Are your finances a mess?

Do you even have a budget?

It’s a good idea to always evaluate your financial situation.  Perhaps you are in financial hardship because of bad financial decisions from the past.  If that is the case then you need to put a plan of action to together immediately.

Your money will not get any better until you decide you want it to be better.  Go right back to basics and cut down on extra expenses that you really can’t afford to have.


Final Thoughts On Tithing When You Have No Money

God is a God of love and kindness.  He knows what is in your heart and if you really have the desire to pay your tithes but literally can’t he will take what you can give and accept it.


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Tithing when you have no money

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